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With the wedding season arriving, the pressure to look good is higher than ever. After a seemingly endless period of quarantine, we are sure all of us itching to go out shopping. But in this period of uncertainty how is one to know what is trending and what is not?

Instead of blathering on we’ll just tell you upfront that the dynamic lehenga is here to stay. This reigning queen of party wear (although an argument can be made for the magnificent Indian saree) is the most dynamic garment out there. Whether you want to be the demur and regal queen or the fun and flirty party girl, the lehenga is for you! You can design the lehenga to bring out any mood you want! However, the fabric that you use to design your lehenga is as important as the design. Not only does the fabric decide the texture and mood of the lehenga, but it also decides one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of party wear- Your comfort.

Here are five options for you to design/buy the perfect lehenga for you, this wedding season.

1) Cotton

Wait. Don’t roll your eyes at us. We understand that cotton is a rather unusual fabric for lehenga. Who wants to go for boring cotton when there are much more interesting options such as brocade silk and velvet available!? Let us make our argument. Cotton fabric, especially the organic ones are soft, natural and breathable. They are ideal for summer weddings. And cotton need not be boring. By using silk cotton, or by layering cotton fabric one over the other, you can create a lehenga as gorgeous and comfortable as this bride is wearing!

2) Silk

The most obvious choice for most. Afterall, it is known as the queen of fabric for good reason. It is another natural fabric and is a known temperature regulator. Organic silk is also hypoallergic. And if these logical reasons are not enough for you to make the choice, silk also has one of the best drapes out of all fabrics. You also have ample opportunity to experiment with the diverse variety of silk that our country has woven traditionally. A rich Kanchipuram or Banarasi silk saree can be converted into a rich, bridal lehenga while something as colourful as Andhra’s Pochampalli silk can be converted into a fun party wear.

3) Georgette

Though not necessarily the most sought-after option for a bride on her D-day, Georgette is a best dance companion. This light weight and breezy fabric makes you feel like you’re wearing a fluffy cloud and is best for your Sangeet party or even your bachelorette party. It has an amazing drape and will cling to your curves. The fun thing about Georgette is that it can be layered and worked upon to make your lehenga look heavy and sophisticated while keeping you light on your feet. Do you think the days for demur brides are long gone? Want to party hard this wedding season? Then the Georgette lehenga is for you.

4) Organza

Another fun, light-weight lehenga fabric option for you is Organza. Slightly stiffer than Gerorgette, organza can look fancier. It is also very dynamic fabric that can look as heavy as you want it through layers, beading and embroidery while being light and comfy. Want to look like a Disney princess on your D-day with those buff princess skirts? Then Organza is for you.

5) Velvet

Though most coastal brides find velvet to be uncomfortable and heavy, if you are opting for a winter wedding or if you are partying in geographically higher altitudes, then velvet is perfect for you. Not only does it make you feel warm and snug, it also makes you look queenly, rich and regal. Dark colored velvets are usually the go-to options for brides. But other colours may work just as well, if you are an experimental bride.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this listing, let us acknowledge the elephant in the room. Venturing out to shop in these troubled times can be dubious at best and can potentially prove to be dangerous. These are five fun fabrics that every woman has accumulating in her wardrobe. So why venture out when you already have unused sarees at home?! Go ahead and redesign your wardrobe with the online services offered by Samsara Traditions!

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